What Is The Jingle E-Course +PLus

It's the Jingle Course PLus a whole lot more.
It's you getting all the production tools available while saving $417.00
It's 11 CD's chocked full of Jingle and Production Information
It's the hottest Jingle training tool I've ever put together.
It's your opportunity to make money with your music.

Frankly. . .It's just plain silly if you have the creative and musical talent for
you not to order the Complete Jingle Course today.


I'm not going to go into all the features and benefits of The Complete Jingle Course here.

If you haven't read everything the Jingle Course teaches you  Click Here for all the details.  The Complete Jingle Course is of course included in The Complete Jingle E-Course +PLus.  But what makes this so exciting is the +PLus.  You receive at no extra cost all the extra Production Tools that you can still buy on this website for another $367 but your cost is Zero, Nada, Nothing, Zip.  Everything is included.  Even the Bootcamp Videos.

As you know if you've been checking out the course the printed version of  The Complete Jingle Course sold for years at $249. It started a lot of musicians into the Jingle business.  But the Jingle part of the course was all you received.  

NOW, you can order The Complete Jingle E-Course +PLus with EVERYTHING INCLUDED for only $199.  You save $50. off the printed version's price but you also receive over $367. worth of extra production tools.  

That is why this is so exciting.  
Not only for you but for me too.
It took me a long time to get this together and frankly I'm proud of it.

The Complete Jingle E-Course +PLus is something Iíve wanted to do for a long time.  Finally, I have put together the whole kit and caboodle on 11 CDís and I'm excited.

I have been selling Jingles going on 30 years.  Iím constantly involved in all kinds of multimedia production  all because of the Jingle Business.  I sold a Jingle package years ago and ended up doing the TV spots for the client.  That involved me in additional Jingles and TV projects which introduced me to Training Videos, which involved me in more TV and Infomercial projects, which involved me in Multimedia CD projects.  And all of this experience has allowed me to create the Jingle E-Course weíre talking about right now.  And everything started with Jingles.

If you are a musician, and you are creative and want to make money with your creative talents the Jingle Business is for you. Itís the one business anybody can get into and not have to worry about the Big Boys. Because, nobody and I mean nobody has the Jingle market cornered.  Why?  Because no one mortal or company has all the best ideas.  And great ideas (content) are king.  Thatís what people pay you for.  The creating and producing of the great IDEA.

If you are ready to order.  Click the order button and The Complete Jingle Course +PLus will be on it's way to you ASAP.


I also need to let you know that it was created at the beginning to only run on PC computers.  But I do have a MAC version using PDF for the printed part of the course.  Make sure you let me know you need the MAC version.

The Bootcamp Videos and The Doing It Video are in Mpeg 1 format and can be played on either Mac or PC

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Here is everything you will receive with The Complete Jingle E-Course +PLus

circle09_red.gif  The Complete Jingle Course (It's even searchable)
circle09_red.gif  List of over 4,500 Public Domain Songs
circle09_red.gif  The Jingle papers (18 months worth of Guerrilla       Jingle Producer Newsletters)
circle09_red.gif  Book:  "How To Make Money With Your Music     Without Having To Play In Bars"
circle09_red.gif  Sample Jingle Package (Includes the demo that got       the sale and the finished package.)
circle09_red.gif  The Doing It Video (Shows La-Dair on the phone      getting jobs and pitching demos.)
circle09_red.gif  The complete 4 day Bootcamp Videos. (Filmed live)

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 The Complete Jingle E-Course +PLus is Searchable and Printable