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Straight From The Producers Mouth! (Testimonials)

Dear Ladair,
I would like to thank you for your Jingle Course.
After viewing your boot camp seminar I wrote a jingle for a company that was not even looking for a jingle and they purchased it for $2,495.00. I used the sales pitch for the listening of the demo as well as the closing techniques that you shared in your seminar.

I am a musician and entertainer doing 3 to 5 shows a week and the jingle money sure did help out. It paid for your course and most of my studio expense (gear) in one Jingle.

Currently I have 2 other prospects for a Jingles and 3 prospects for the On- Hold messaging system all within a month after I viewed your course. The funny part was that as I watched your seminar and you made references to the manual which I did not know came with the the Boot Camp video. I now am reading that and it is a wealth of information.
Once again thank you for helping me market the production talents I have acquired over the years.
This Biz is perfect for me...

Ali Bei
Quadrent II Studios
Orlando, Florida

Hi La Dair,
Yes , I got the package and was sorta expecting another ripoff to be honest,but I REALLY needed to know how to do this business and was willing to take the chance. LaDair this course has gone far beyond my expectations! Thankyou for being there to put me on track. Your fun personality , honesty and experience about this bizness really came thru. Although some of the technology is outdated since this was recorded, the MEAT is there and that's what I wanted. Thankyou so much for being there and sharing your knowlege and experience....with out you I could never have got started. I've written 2 really neat jingles since viewing the video's yesterday in just a few hours. First I create the music and melody then I used your word association techniques to fill it in.Man,am I excited! For once in my life...I got many thousand times my $$$$$ spent. AWESOME!
Mitch M.

Are you considering LaDairs Jingle Production Course? I spent 8 months looking into the jingle business, before I ordered his course. What a mistake! I could have had the same information within the first 10 pages of the course! This course is hot!
David G.

Hey Jingleman,
I received your course and I am super excited about the contents. All I've had time to do so far is read some of the free book. I am amazed at how it has already expanded my thinking and helped me to think outside the box regarding art-derived income. I can't wait to really put this stuff to use... I'll send you a testimonial when I sell my first jingle.
Chris B.

Dear La-Dair

Thanks for a great job! Having read the manual and begun watching the videos, I am more than tickled pink with the "nitty gritty" content of the course. The "value" of this course to a person entering the Jingle industry, is much greater than what you have charged.

Having spent many years working with ownership of businesses, as an Executive with a major management consulting company, I have been involved with "manualization" many times. What you have encapsuled in your course is the heart of the Jingle industry; how to begin and operate a business successfully.

Many thanks for all the info and the forms which provides the beginner with the necessary tools to assure success
From a business viewpoint; which I am an expert on; this course is a "must" for anyone entering this industry. Thanks again for a job well done.

Donald S.
Waveland, IN )


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I just completed the Jingle Course and watched the vidios. I have to tell you it was more then I had expected. We have been in business as a studio for 5 years. In that time the jingles we have done just sort of happened. Getting the jingle work was always difficult. We have done direct mail, cold calls, inserts in the chamber of commerce news letter, but again it seemed when we tried, we failed, and then the work came in on it's own. One ad agency we worked for just found us on the internet, and get this, the client was Hungry Howies Pizza and Subs. I just about lost it when you guys did up a jingle for them at the boot camp! We did a jingle for them that is still one of my favorite jingles. It had sort of a carnival atmosphere to it with lots of sound fx's. The ad agency loved it so we priced it high. I don't think the client ever heard the spot. I belived that the jingle was dead. Do you know no matter how obvious it seems to market a jingle in more then one area, or for more then one type of business, the though never struck me? Here I am, sitting on what I belive is one of my best jingles ever, and I never thought to shop it to someone else. Well I just wanted to thank you for teaching me the marketing of jingles. I hope to implement some of the ideas I had while watching your video this winter.

Brian S.
Legend Studios


Just had to drop you a note to let you know I just sold my first jingle. I was going to play it for them three times but when, after the first play, I announced I was going to play it again, they told me not to bother. They bought it on the spot. It was a thrill to see them dancing around the room to the jingle I had created. What a rush!

Your course was perhaps the best investment I ever made. I've had the talent and the equipment to create great music for a long time. But now for the first time I have the knowledge and the means to cash in on that ability and make some really decent money. Thank you so much.
Steve M.
PedMar Creative Music Services

Hey Betty and LaDair, I'm Darrell and I bought the course on Jan 28, 1998 and it is power packed. I've read the material and watched all the video's(including the boot camp). I've contacted radio stations,businesses and ad agencies and through some perseverence the top ad agency in town want's to hire me as a jingle writer for his company. Great huh? Thank's to you I sound like a professional. I'll keep in touch. God bless you
Darrell C.
Care-Y Productions

La Dair, Just a note to let you know I made my first sale this week! The information in your course helped tremendously, especially in selling. I've always known I could write and record jingles, but I lacked the knowledge to put it together as a marketable product. I now own a legitimate part-time (for now) business. Gotta go get ready for the studio.
Ron K.
Phoenix AZ.

I just wanted to let you know that 11 days after receiving your "Jingle Biz" package (for which we paid $249) we sold our first jingle. . .for $1,950! Thanks a bunch!

Rob and Deb S.
Minneapolis MN.

Dear La-Dair,

I just wanted to thank you for the Jingle course. Within 9 days of taking the Jingle course I sold my first Jingle which, paid for the course and bought me some new equipment. After taking The Complete Jingle Course, I know I can get a Jingle job anytime I want.

Once again thanks,

Ellis D.
Cincinnati, OH

Hi La-Dair,

Just a quick note. Hope this letter finds you well. I got your Jingle/On-Hold info a few months ago and although things have been busy here at the studio, along with teaching during the day, I have finally gotten all the gears in order to start pusing the on-hold systems this summer. . . .I'm really excited about this new service we are going to offer here at Wave.

As far as Jingles go. . .I have sold three since I talked to you this past winter and I haven't even gotten "serious" about it, yet. .Oh, life is good. . .is there another bootcamp soon?

Best regards,
Joel B.
Sharpsburg, GA

Hey La-Dair:

Good to hear you are still around. I have been doing great! I just finished the score for a national Circle K spot and am a finalist for a Lever 2000 Soap commercial.

Best regards,
Brad C.
Manhattan Beach CA.

Hi Jingleman,

Well with your course and the talent of myself and two partners, I have sold my first Jingle. To a Car Dealer in Calhoun Ga. Thanks for your course it helped alot.

Thanks again,
Cartersville GA.

Dear La-Dair, this letter is long overdue and I apologize for the delay in writing you.

Thank you for the information you provided in your home Jingle Course. The course was very helpful in explaining the ins and outs of the commercial Jingle business. You covered everything from writing to marketing which was just the type of information I needed to expand my Spenro Music Productions company into the area of custom music.

My first year in the Jingle business, I won three ADDY Awards. Two were for first and second place, Best Musical Score-Jingle, in the local Knoxville Advertising Federation competititon. That same year (1994) I went on to win 2nd place in the 7th District competition. In 1995 I won another ADDY for best promo.

Again thanks for your help and inspiration.

Robert S.
Spenro Music Productions
Knoxville, TN.

Dear La-Dair,

Thanks for the jingle course. . .it just bought my new carpet. . .600 stores nationwide, 1 down 599 to go. . .

Mark D-Phoenix AZ.

The videos are great- I would say crucial to the course! Thanks very much for making those available, as well as all your other goodies.

Bill Scott-Idaho Falls, ID

I received the bootcamp videos yesterday and watched the first one. I thought it was great. You were right, they are very informative.

Larry P.-Nanticoke, PA

Dear La-Dair and gang,

I just watched the videos on the bootcamp. I wanted to let you know I felt it was very well done and I got alot out of it. I wish I was able to attend it but I appreciate giving an opportunity for me to see it in the videos.

Thank you,

Mike B.
Omaha, NE

Just a quick double thanks! 1) For your truth in advertising. Your course delivered everything you promised. It was more than enough to catapult me into the jingle business. ( I'm 3 for 3, 3 demos resulting in 3 sales!) 2) For following up your sale. You've returned all of my calls promptly and clarified the areas I was weak in. Thanks again.

Ted R.
Chicopee, MA

Hi La-Dair,

I'm having great success with your Jingle Course and the "Getting Into The On-Hold Business Book." Thanks for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Gerry P.
Green Bay, WI.

My entry into the Jingle contest was my first Jingle. The contest was a great way to push me into giving it a try. You were right about several things, among them is that it is a blast to put these jingles together. I have not had a music project that has been more fun, ever! I have finished my 3rd jingle and each one seems to get easier and better. Bless the PMA-5!!!

I picked up one customer that has sold over 100 franchises for his business and he has written a letter of introduction on my behalf to all of them. My last jingle is almost generic enough to be used by 100's of businesses in the country. With a little change it will be ready to syndicate. Regards and much success.

Doug W. & Debby J.-Tuscon AZ.

I wanted to let you know that I just completed my first jingle deal. (After only 14 days of having the course!) After expenses, paying for your course, and a little bit of equipment I had purchased, I am ahead $250.!! I absolutely would not have done this without your course. So thanks for the free course and the $250. cash!

Kevin M. Roy

I was a VP of a multi-million-dollar company making nearly $100,000. a year. I read your jingle ad in a trade magazine, quit my job, and now, I couldn't be happier. Karen and I are writing jingles full time now. We have are first jingle in Kentucky. I found this client listening to the radio as you suggested. Following your outline I sold the jingle. In fact the radio station rep. like it so much he has recommended us to his clients.

Michael R. Troup

This is the stuff that I've needed to make my business fly. It's not creativity I've been lacking it's information. Now that that problem is solved it's time to make some real money.

Jim M.

I am writing this letter to sincerely thank you for your jingle course, and your personal encouragement. When I first read your ad In Home & Studio magazine I was on a plane flying to Barbados to get married. I thought you ad was very interesting so when I got home I said hmmm..., what the heck I'll try it. Prior to all this my productions company had made a jingle reel and we shopped this to a "Zillion" ad agencies. But with no success and a $150,000. Digital recording studio I was quite frustrated. But, soon as I got your course, I was re-born. Everything was laid out so clear, and easy to understand. I jumped for joy, and said this is finally what I've been looking for. 4 days after receiving your course. I was at a radio station negotiating a deal.

So La Dair a BIG THANKS To You. This was one of my best investments. Keep up the good work.

Danny M.
Ontario, Canada

Please believe me when I tell you that I'm just not incline to write letters of praise about anybody's product; at least until now. I ordered your " Complete Jingle Course" about a month ago fully convinced that I'd be sending it back after reviewing it. Well you can keep my money! ( I'm not inclined to give people my money either).

I've been a professional musician for almost 20 years, including many sessions recording jingles for other people. Yet, those in the business have always been reluctant to share their marketing strategies, for fear of competition I suppose. Your course is a long awaited breath of fresh air! Simple, concise, creative thought in an industry clouded with hype, WHAT A CONCEPT!

Realizing of course it's now up to me to put it to use, I just wanted to say thanks for the wake up call. THANKS!

Steve D.
Las Vegas, NV.

Enclosed please find the demo reel that I promised you. Things are going extremely well for me right, thanks to your course. I'm getting a couple of jingles a week, but would very much appreciate the opportunity to handle some of yours! You had indicated several weeks ago that you are farming out most of your jingle packages, so please let me know if and when I can help out. Sorry I can't attend your up coming conference, but I'll be in Sweden.

As always, don't hesitated to have your skeptics call me for advice or referral. Say Hi to Finese & Betty for me.

Rock B.
Milledgeville, GA

Just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how well things are going after taking your Guerrilla Jingle Producers course and bootcamp. You have opened my eyes to so many new opportunities, it's unbelievable. I have sold one jingle and I am well on my way to selling another one. I am also developing music on hold business steadily. Thanks again for your continued support after the sale. There are not that many companies that offer the kind of quality product and after care that you do and I am very grateful. I have even been able to embark upon a new career as a media buyer and jingle producer. Talk about a double whammy! Thanks again for all of your help and I am looking forward to seeing you and Betty during the next Bootcamp in Las Vegas in February. May the wind always be at your back. Best regards.

Damon F.
Winchester Electronics

I'm sure we would agree that greatness in any field is far more often prepared for than it is thrust upon us. Your 7 Step of Success for the Entrepreneur provides many keys of preparation. I'm tempted to buy your inventory to hold back competition from those smart enough to do this course.

To elaborate a bit on success keys, I took the liberty to write a review of your Bootcamp Video and cassette course with a global flair;

"Kudos, Right On Bro", Far Out!, koo-ool, Oye, Caliente, Actung musikwerk, Bonsai !, Ja, Airee Mon, Funny, Deeply Informative, Politically Incorrect, Love It! ! !

Thank you for a truly inspiring education.

Bill D.
Orlando, FL

Needless to say, I got your package. It has transformed my business into a productive lucrative profession. I am enjoying every phase of jingle production and sales. I feel as if I have been preparing to do this all of my life.

I am an avid reader and quick to take well meant criticism. Please review the jingle, the mix, the presentation, look and idea of the way we are putting our best foot forward and make comments if possible. Your consultation is valuable to me. By the way, I read all the materials within a week, and am reading them again. I have duplicated many forms within the course, and altered some of them to suit Pratt Productions.

Thanks LaDair. Most professionals hold something back if they feel someone might be able to glean from them. Your offer is and has been everything you promised.

Bill P.
Ogden, UT


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